Lightning (Final Fantasy XIII)

Lightning - The main character, and the first female protagonist since Terra Branford in FFVI. Once a soldier from the Cocoon army, Lightning has been shunned from being chosen by the L'Cie to be the doom of Cocoon. She has a sister named Serah who is central to the plot, though her role as a playable character has not been confirmed. It is revealed later than Lightning willingly sacrificed her memories to protect Serah, though again the reasons behind this plot twist are ambigious at best. The character designer Tetsua Nomura was told to create a character that was a "female version of Cloud Strife."

She wields a gunblade, a weapon first introduced in FFVIII. Unlike the gunblades of the FFVIII universe, Lightning's can shift back and forth between gun and blade at will. It should also be noted that the gun can take additional forms (i.e. machine guns, etc). Her Eidolon is Odin, who transforms into a horse and a double-bladed spear with gigantic crescent blades, which in turn can be separated into dual swords.

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